Friday, May 1, 2015

No Sugar Challenge Day 2 - 3

Totally forgot to post yesterday, mostly because I pretty much ate the exact same thing as I did on Wednesday.
I feel the same... Maybe a little more energetic. I did wake up yesterday morning thinking about sugary cereals though. That was weird. I also had a dream about binge eating candy... It's like I'm quitting drugs.
My cravings aren't so bad yet. Not really thinking of sugar much during the day. The hardest time is around 3pm because that is usually my snack time at work. I always pick up a candy bar or a bag of chips, so that time of day gets kind of depressing. I had an egg white spinach omelette for dinner last night, and made myself a green smoothie and hard boiled eggs this morning. Still going strong. Excited to see how I start feeling in a few more days!

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