Thursday, May 7, 2015

No Sugar Challenge Day 8-9 - 5/7/2015

I've been drinking black coffee, and yesterday morning I didn't drink any coffee at all to really transition into a full on vegan diet and man... I didn't realize how much that cup in the morning makes a huge difference. I was so tired yesterday and had to make myself a small cup this morning to wake myself up. Maybe I'll try to wean off coffee by limiting myself to two cups a week or something, and then eventually cutting it off completely.
My cravings, or lack thereof, have improved significantly. I don't find myself thinking about junk as much anymore and I look forward to my fruit and veggie smoothies every morning/night. My skin is also looking pretty clear... But that may just be because I'm done with my woman times. Anyway, everything is going really good. My body is adjusting very well, and my metabolism is CRAZY right now... In a good way. BRING ON WEEK 2!

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