Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No Sugar Challenge Day 7 - 5/5/2015

We are at day 7 of the no sugar challenge. I woke up feeling pretty great. To my surprise, no cravings whatsoever for any processed sugary foods in the morning. I did an ab workout last night and I noticed I had a lot of energy. Usually I'm knackered about 15 minutes in, but I was going strong from start to finish. Anyway, this morning was great, had some boiled eggs. For lunch I had a green juice from Whole Foods and some pineapples. I also had some chicken and broccoli... Now it's that time of day again. Snack time. I'm starting to think about chocolates and candies right now, and to distract myself I started munching on some sprouted almonds and sunflower seeds. This is helping a bit, but man... smelling that nacho buffet in our work conference room is going to SUCK. The party starts in about 5 minutes and to be honest, I'd like to just hibernate and close my office door to stay way from the temptation, but I know I'll be okay. I watched "Hungry For Change" on Netflix last night, so I'm still pretty motivated. I'm hoping to maybe turn this no sugar, eventually into a vegan raw diet soon. Call me crazy, but I want to reset my body back to health, naturally. God designed our bodies to heal itself, and I really believe this. Everything God does/makes is good. If it's not good, it's not from Him. I digress...
Time to head off to the Cinco De Mayo party. Pray for me.

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