Monday, May 4, 2015

No Sugar Challenge Day 6 - 5/4/2015

Had some boiled eggs and my green smoothie for breakfast this morning. Feeling pretty tired and out of it today. Walking past the candy corner near my office today was especially brutal. We have a Cinco De Mayo celebration in the office tomorrow with my VP's "famous margaritas" and a nacho buffet. Not having any of that is going to be another level of sadness. If anything, this challenge is shedding light on the crap that I used to eat without even thinking twice. I'm THAT person that checks the labels on everything at the Whole Foods now. Now that I see the refined and processed junk that is hidden in everything, it's no wonder cutting sugar off is so difficult.
My brain is kind of learning to sublimate now. Not that I'm not craving cookies and chips, but along with that I'm also really craving one of my green smoothies right now. Before, it used to be the cookies and chips only, and I'd force the green smoothie down my throat. Looking forward to this day being over... It has been a long Monday... And I need some rest especially if I'm going to practice all that self control tomorrow. Nacho buffet... Seriously?!??!

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