Wednesday, April 29, 2015

No Sugar Challenge Day 1 - 4/29/2015

Today was the first day of my no sugar challenge. I had a spinach/kale/banana smoothie in the morning with some chia seeds, and a mix of chicken, onions and asparagus for lunch. When I felt like snacking, I ate a banana, and later on in the day I had some grapefruit. That sufficed for about an hour and now I'm hungry again. I don't have any wacky cravings or anything, but I've got into such a routine of snacking around this time of day (3pm-4pm)... It just feels weird that I'm not grabbing for something.
Overall, I feel pretty normal. A little tired, maybe a little bit more grumpy... Some Oreos sound so good right now... Ugh. Gotta snap out of it. My motivation is still high, especially after watching Fed Up, so I'm excited to see how I feel in a week. I'll be home from work soon, and will probably make another smoothie for dinner. Sheri, I hope you're hanging in there, too!

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