Sunday, June 28, 2009

My dream

There once was a boy who possessed a girl's heart. This girl was taken by surprise and was swept off her feet by him. He grew up in an unfortunate surrounding, while she was born and raised in a city with an overwhelming amount of money and power, but it didn't matter. He loved her radiating beauty that rooted from her soul, and she loved his warm heart and smile, that melted the walls that she had put up from previous relationships. She knew he was the one, and he knew she would be the love of his life. They memorized every little detail about each other and everyone was jealous of their unbreakable attraction. They knew how inseparable the boy and the girl were, but they didn't really know why. They didn't know that love was something only understandable by the two who were in it. That only they can fully know the extent to how amazing it really is. And this couple knew. Their love for each other was so strong that they began to neglect other important things and people in their lives. He neglected, and was consequently fired from his job, and he also began to fall away from his studies. Also, she began to distance from her tightly bonded family and friends. So she began to worry. She began to fear. Soon that anxiety overwhelmed her and she did the unthinkable. She told her love that she could no longer be in this relationship. He begged, he pleaded, he demanded answers... But she turned and walked away. She loved him with all her heart, and if it meant having to lose to him to have him get his life back together, she would do it. He was furious with her. He didn't understand. He didn't understand how sorry she was. How masochistic and sadistic she felt for doing such a thing. The pain it caused her to not know what could've been if they stayed together. The pain it caused him. She was a wreck for months. She cried for months maybe even a year, and there was not one day she didn't think of him. Finally, he began to stop calling her. He stopped trying to gain closure. Then one day, all attempts of communication were over. When this happened, she cried more. If only she could explain that it was only to try and help him. But she knew hearing his voice would only make her heart agree to try the relationship once more.
Eventually, she became more comfortable with the huge hole in her heart. She began to recover. She would ask his friends for updates now and then, and would receive news that he had a job again and was going back to school. This made her feel amazing since that was exactly the news she was hoping for. She thought finally that maybe she would be able to live without him... Until one night. One of his friends called her. Sobbing, barely audible. His words almost undecipherable. But he managed to spit out "dead. He-he's dead." Her heart stopped. "W-what did you say?" She asked, her body convulsing with trepidation. "He's... he's dead. He took too many pills, he wasn't himself. He wasn't ... He wasn't thinking straight, and he decided to drive home still rolling... And-" "STOP!" She screamed. At this point she didn't even notice the tears erupting down her face. She went numb. She threw the phone and grabbed at her heaving chest as if it would some how make her feel better. She fell to the floor and curled up, nothing coming out of her mouth but her heavy breathing. She then began to shake her head. "This is a sick joke" she thought. "He's not dead. He's still alive. They're just trying to torture me with guilt from what I did. Yeah... That's it..." She pushed herself to believe this irrational second story, but she needed some kind of proof. Then she looked down at her phone and picked it up. She scrolled down until she found his number in her contacts and, hands shaking, pressed send. She put the phone to her ear and choked when she heard his beautiful voice answer, "You finally returned my call." Relief spread throughout her body like a bomb that had just exploded. She caught her breath, trying not to cry and finally muttered, "what is going on?" "It's true," he said. "I'm not alive anymore." She was dumbfounded. "If this is some kind of sick joke, it isn't funny. Why would you say something like that?" She asked him, anger growing in her voice. "I love you" he said. She fell weak. "I love you so much, I just needed you to know that." She clasped her hands to her mouth to hide her whimpers. Tears trickled down her face and she screamed "I love you, too! I love you so much I'm so sorry I just... I just wanted the best-" "I know", he said cutting her off mid-sentence, "Don't cry. Just know that I love you and I've never stopped, and I never will. Now... goodbye my love. I'm sure we will be reunited soon. Live your life. Goodbye." Her eyes widened and she yelled "No! No! Don't leave, what do you mean goodbye? Please don't leave we can start this again! I won't leave again I promise I love you too much!" She stopped and listened for a response only to be followed by a dial tone. She felt herself grow weak and fell to her knees. What in the world had just happened? After she gathered herself into one piece, she dialed his friends number and explained the event that had just taken place. He told her that she needed to calm down and go to sleep. That she was just shocked from the news and wasn't thinking straight. She furiously ended the phone call and sobbed herself into her dreams. She dreamt of his beautiful face. She dreamt of them, together, hand in hand. She felt the love once more.
When she woke, she ran to her phone to make sure she hadn't been dreaming his voice. She looked at her recent calls and saw his name and the length of their conversation. She knew it wasn't a dream, but still felt relief once more. She hesitantly dialed his number another time. But this time, it didn't even ring. It went straight to the computerized voice that told her that phone number was no longer in use. She hung up and dialed his number 100 times more, but had the same outcome. She knew it was over. She had talked to an angel the night before. She would never hear his voice ever again.
She thought about killing herself, but quickly remembered that her love, the angel, told her to "live her life." The only thing left in her life to do was obey his wish. She would fulfill his last wish no matter how hard it was. "I love you" she said for the last time. She closed her phone and stood up. She opened the blinds and squinted when the sunlight shone in her room. The weather was beautiful. She knew their would be rainy days, but also knew that sunshine was always hidden somewhere around the corner waiting to come out. Sunny days were their favorite. They were special. She smiled and walked outside to take advantage of the beautiful day.
Just for him.


  1. hi sarah,

    i think you make the best youtube videos. your funny, your smart, and your pretty. your blog was really long, so i didnt hav a chance to read it all, im sorry, but from wat i did read, i think i learned that love isnt something to take as a joke and that love is a virtue. i promise to read all of it after i write you this comment. good luck on your videos, and i think thats its really awsome that you answer questions that your viewers would wanna know.

    i wish you the best of luck in your future,
    sincerely your fan, Thomas Kim =)

  2. OMG MAN! You're a real good writer, i've tried writing stories and although the vocab was good, my stories never had a deeper meaning like yours. Guess i should read more of what you write so i could learn something.

  3. I'm from youtube...forgot to say it before, i'm Divinenite.