Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Class of 2009

So it's about that time. It's about that time we pack our experiences that we've attained in our womb, that is high school and set them up in a way to benefit our departure from it. As difficult as some moments of high school may have seemed, we really haven't experienced anything yet. The fights, the tears, the losses... They may have been discouraging, but they are only little samplers of what we will have to deal with in the real world. In high school, the heartbreakers and crooks are still learning, growing on a skill they will soon perfect. The pain they've caused us in high school, will develop into a newfound power that will be easily compared to as a death wish in the future. And the brilliant minds who've always been acknowledged for their work in high school, will see the extent to how phenomenal their minds really are... Or aren't. For some, their thoughts will blossom with innovative ideas that will leave a mark on this presently ingenious world. For others, their brilliance will fade and disappear and no one will offer any kind of sympathy for it.
Unexpected things will happen. We're being introduced to a completely different environment that will challenge every bit of strength we've managed to pick up in our however many years of living. Harsh, will be a word we will become very familiar with and responsibility will never seem more significant.
But it will be beautiful. The greatness underlying the difficulty, will truly make every drop of sweat worthwhile. Perseverance, persistence, resilience, passion, motivation, challenge... victory will never taste so sweet. So let's not allow this intimidation to bring us down, but instead have it bring us excitement. Excitement from getting a chance to discover our boundaries and conceive our minds' capabilities. Excitement from getting to graduate.
So let us cheers to our futures, class of 2009. Let's dive into this journey head-first and show the world exactly what we're made of.

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