Sunday, February 1, 2009

The connection between life and nature

There have been numerous massive fires these past few months. I would turn on the T.V. and feel like a helpless witness throughout all that destruction. I saw waves of reds and blacks and so much discolorment coming from the burning homes and trees. What a catastrophic element fire is, I thought to myself. What a calamitous sphere of natural activity.
Why do fires exist?
When all it seems to cause is destruction, why should there be any fires at all?
I've stated in another previous blog, that deep thoughts and aphorisms are often like fires. How they are "constantly reiterated, but [result] in the same affect as real wild fires. They burn... They don't light minds or ignite knowledge, or have some kind of a catalytic affect for people to start using their heads. Instead, they literally just [incinerate] the minds of all that they enter; starting off as a flame then growing larger by burning up any trace of its significance." I still stand by this statement. I believe people listen, but they don't really listen. They just keep note of a quote or anything of that sort that they like, without really reflecting upon the deeper meanings that lie within them. You hear trite, cliche-like quotes shared and used left and right. This mindless repetition makes the value of the quote grow smaller and smaller until it no longer has any value at all. This is where the forest fire idea mentioned earlier, comes in.
So why do forest fires exist? Because as reckless and destructive as it is, it's needed. Fires may hold the capability of wiping out an immense amount of a certain area, but in doing so, it is preventing more forest fires from coming in the future. Also, these fires break down and let fall the compounds above ground, that could not germinate due to its altitude. These seeds germinate and they set ground for a new forest to precede there on after. So it can start all over.
As people repeat these quotes and make them lose their meaning, there are philosophers who recognize this destruction and set out to revive it. When something so profound becomes meaningless to so many people, it has become a fire. The fire spreads and wrecks all in its path, however in time it will end. In time, one will stand and revive what has been so unfairly destroyed. New trees, stronger and taller will rise above the old ones. Deeper meanings will be pulled out of its hibernation, enkindling the majesty and discernment of which it once had.
Something so profound is not meant to be so esoteric. However, like fires it is oftentimes looked down upon and therefore the beneficial aspects are ignored. But there will always be a time of renewal when things go too far downhill. Fires will never perish, ignorance is infinite. Time is the solution, and revival the conclusion.

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