Monday, March 9, 2009


My soul is yearning for someone that possesses the ability to carry on stimulating conversation. Someone that can effortlessly use their verbal skill and juxtaposition of intelligent and witty dialogue to keep communion enchanting. I feel as if the people in the environment I am in presently, are engorging in mindless and insignificant thoughts and gossip that permeate through society every day. Being an aspiring human who wishes to forever dilate her knowledge, it is torturous to sometimes dwell in the midsts of some of these people. I feel my mind is surrounded by thoughts that constrict my own, and encounters that depreciate my previous discerning outlooks on life and all that lies within it. There are derogatory comments shared all around which degrade those who try to carry a sense of optimism. Then there are dangerous compliments that are questioned and scrutinized to find all hidden insinuations and negative connotations.
I want to surround myself with those who can live amongst this chaos, and yet somehow remain composed and unaffected by the senseless incidents that go on. I want to fall in love with someone who can engage in a discourse of intellect and spontaneous creativity, yet somehow manages to mingle with the world without the conformation.
I want to fall and lose myself in someone meaningful. And I want to spend my life being meaningful to them in return.