Monday, March 16, 2009

True colors

So there I was. Intermixed between a huge pool of vibrant colors. The beauty that the colors radiated was almost too much. But I was stuck in the middle of them. I couldn't find an escape. The colors sure were beautiful, but suffocating at the same time. I looked left and right. Maneuvered my body up and down. No space to escape. Then off somewhere in the distance I noticed a color not vibrant at all. That color was isolated from the rest like it had some kind of negative magnetic resistance all around it. I was surrounded by such beauty, but why was it that that casual, inappreciable color intrigued me so? I was oddly captivated by its presence. Then I realized that while I was allowing myself to be encompassed by these fantastic colors, I never really looked at my color. I then saw that I was also a dull color. Why? Why wasn't I a beautiful color like the rest of the colors? Who better to ask then the one and only other dull color in the room. So I moved forward and a pathway to the other color began to form. I finally was standing face to face with it. Then I asked it, "Why am I a dull color? Why are you a dull color?" It spread out its hands and pointed behind me. I turned to see all the beautiful colors staring at us, insignificant colors. Watching. With a look of desire and covetousness. Then the dull color spoke, "They desire to be what they are not. Lies are vibrant for they oftentimes cover the darkness of truth. Lies come in many different forms which is represented by the multitude of colors that are now present. However, though they may live lives of lies, their souls yearn for truth. And that is what we represent. We are truth and its beauty is represented in our ability to stand strong in solitude and remain unaffected by our singleness . We are truth and its strength is represented through our ability to boldly stand and maintain our solid color. We are truth and dullness is bliss. Solitude is a gift." I was mesmerized and captivated by its words, yet I couldn't help but wonder about something. So I asked "Should we not worry about the others? Is there something we can do?" And it answered, "For some, truth will appear in them without any help, but by self-realization. For others, it will be a long and tedious journey. But we need not to worry. Because in time, somehow, one's true colors will always revealed." Then we merged together. We became a larger colorless and shapeless form then we were before. We hovered and watched over to see some of the more vibrant colors turn dull. Then we realized that we would do nothing but grow. We realized we would expand eternally.

Monday, March 9, 2009


My soul is yearning for someone that possesses the ability to carry on stimulating conversation. Someone that can effortlessly use their verbal skill and juxtaposition of intelligent and witty dialogue to keep communion enchanting. I feel as if the people in the environment I am in presently, are engorging in mindless and insignificant thoughts and gossip that permeate through society every day. Being an aspiring human who wishes to forever dilate her knowledge, it is torturous to sometimes dwell in the midsts of some of these people. I feel my mind is surrounded by thoughts that constrict my own, and encounters that depreciate my previous discerning outlooks on life and all that lies within it. There are derogatory comments shared all around which degrade those who try to carry a sense of optimism. Then there are dangerous compliments that are questioned and scrutinized to find all hidden insinuations and negative connotations.
I want to surround myself with those who can live amongst this chaos, and yet somehow remain composed and unaffected by the senseless incidents that go on. I want to fall in love with someone who can engage in a discourse of intellect and spontaneous creativity, yet somehow manages to mingle with the world without the conformation.
I want to fall and lose myself in someone meaningful. And I want to spend my life being meaningful to them in return.