Thursday, December 3, 2009

Santa's come early this year

And so my story drags on...
I have become reunited with my friend that I have been yapping so much about...
And you know what? It feels spectacular. A few old friends that I've had some rocky relationships with are now close to me again as well. I am elated.
And on top of that, it's December!
Now I don't know about you forum, but something about this month really gets me hyped. I think of mittens, hot chocolate, laughter, togetherness, beanies, jackets, and snow... Not that it even in snows in California, but hey. Let's not trample all over my Christmas spirit. I'm guessing it's because I am preparing myself to celebrate a birthday? No, not a birthday... THE birthday! Jesus Christ's of course! I mean... We all get excited for birthday parties, so maybe it's because its Jesus's, people just become brighter during December? Oh I don't know who gives a hoot as long as we're happy? And yes, I did just say hoot... Aherm. I digress. Now I've been a hermit for a few months now thanks to hours of endless studying...HOWEVER, my finals are almost over and every time my face hits that fresh, cold air outside... I feel really... Happy. I feel like bringing that extrovert out of me.
Please tell me I am not alone when I say that December is just an amazing month.
Even through this cold weather, wherever I go I feel like a warm beacon of light is shining on me at all times. And whether it is conspicuous or not, it really doesn't make a difference. All the despairing emotions I leave to you November. Grief, remorse, negativity, you all are not invited to December. I would say go away forever, but we all know that is completely kooky and unrealistic, let alone the fact that I am talking to words right now, but once again! Take your dirty feet off my Christmas spirit.
Let's have a great month forum.


  1. You have got greeeaaaaaat talent keep it up

    anonymous ^ ^

  2. Your description of coming out of your house and being hit by the cold sounded so so appealing. So today when I left the house I stood in the cold for a second and waited for that same feeling.... "fuck , its cold". I zipped up my jacket, put my hood one and walked to the train as fast as I could. Shame on you :/