Monday, May 3, 2010


A lot of my peers think I have some kind of issue against love.
Let me make this clear. I think love... Is amazing. Brief love, long-term love, tough love, torturous love etc. All of it is mesmerizing to me. The fact that this one uncontrollable emotion can effect such a strong response in millions of individuals is mind-boggling.
Now the reason my peers think that I am "anti-love" is because I don't believe in relationships. Love and relationships, are two completely different things people. For those who are in a genuine, love-filled relationship, I raise my glass to you for being one of the few who are doing something right. And for rest of you who call your on and off, deceitful, meaningless togetherness a relationship, I can't understand you. Left and right, all the time my friends say "I don't even love my boyfriend/girlfriend why am I even with him/her?" and of course I give my solid, honest advice although I know once they go home every bit of my words of wisdom will fade into nonexistence.
I'll be ready for a relationship when the word commitment stops sounding like a chore. I'll be ready when someone shows me the clear distinction between the ever-so-famous dichotomous idea of like and love. When dates stop sounding garrulous and conversations stop seeming forced, I'll be ready. When I feel I need just that one person, and find his act of passing gas or burping as loud as the roar of a chainsaw adorable, I'll be ready. But until then forum...
I'm going to sit back and continue what I'm doing. I'm going to converse with intellectual men, dance with confident men, and coquettishly bat my eyes away at attractive men until someone stops me so hard in my tracks I won't even recall these short-lived encounters. You have to stop searching for this hollywood-based persona of everlasting bullshit love. Life will throw you something better and stronger than fantasy if you just stop constantly focusing on impressing everyone. Focus on what you love, not who you'll love, and you'll yell "what?!" when that who becomes your love.
That is all.

P.S. I hope you all enjoy the new music player I got on my page. ;)
"Music, the greatest good that mortals know, and all of heaven we have below." - Joseph Addison