Monday, April 19, 2010

My Mom

I never had the greatest immune system. Back in middle school and high school, man… I got sick so often that the medicine cabinet in our house was practically dedicated to me. Despite how often I got attacked by a virus, my mom acted like I was sick with some debilitating disease every single time. She’d have soup ready for me at all times, she’d turn my bed into a pillow palace to ensure my comfortability, she’d pile mountains of blankets on top of me, all of that stuff. She did so much for me, but what made these moments so memorable for me, is what she’d say to me before I’d fall asleep for bed. I’d crawl into bed, lethargic from my cold, and I’d wait until my mom came to check up on me one last time, like she always did. She’d come into my room, panning the vicinity and picking up any clothes that I threw on the floor, then would finally come and sit by my bedside.  She’d look at me with these eyes, that looked so pained and discomforted by the mere fact that I had a little cold. Then she’d say this one phrase that would remind me just how lost, how broken I would be without my mom. She’d say “Anytime you’re in pain or feeling weak, I wish God would just finally answer my prayer and take all that pain from you and give it to me, so I can suffer in your place. I wish I could suffer for you every time.” Then she’d click off the lights, close my door, and walk out. There’s not one person in this entire realm of life that measures even close to what my mom means to me. She’s a cancer survivor, she works 365 days a year, she would do anything, and I mean anything, to keep me happy, and on top of all that she’s a mother. When they say there’s nothing in this world like a mother’s love, it’s the damn truth. I say this every Mother’s day, and I’m going to make it a tradition. “Mom, you are the closest thing to Hollywood’s depiction of a super hero that I know. I love you with all my heart.” Happy Mothers day to all!