Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So a very opinionated person told a friend of mine that my blogs are about nothing. What does that exactly mean? I am obviously writing about something, many times something that i'm not sure about, so what does he/she mean? What exactly is nothing? To me it seems that nothing in itself is something. So can there really be a nothing, without it being... Something? Isn't there always a something for a nothing? You can call something nothing, yet have a name for that nothing thus making it something. So i'm going to use my twisted way of articulating matters to regard his/her comment as a compliment. So thank you.



  1. Hey. I just want to say that reading your blog is what inspired me to make a blog of my own. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at it~ I really don't think that what you're writing about is "nothing". I think what it is, is that certain people just think and feel differently. Honestly your blog talks about some really profound and truth-seeking things, things that I don’t think the average person gives thought to, or have felt, either because they’re not capable, or because they choose not to. I think for a person that’s never thought somewhat deeply about things, reading your blog might be a complete mind trip. Maybe the person that said you’re talking about nothing really sees it as nothing, but it's only nothing to him/her. Not in objective fact

  2. Actually, I think that person believes your talking about nothing because they might not understand. Not to say that this person is stupid but what you write about travels deep and is not necessarily what would be expected of someone your age; a little to complex and foreign to them. It's actually very interesting because sometimes, I don't quite understand what you're talking about myself but it gets me thinking just like this post; how can something be nothing without being something? And that makes sense!